Restoration Village Arts Supports the Water Protectors

Mni  Wiconi, Water is Life!

I am honored to be going to the Standing Rock Sacred Stone Camp as part of a coalition of religious leaders from around the country who will be part of a protective witness action on Thursday, November 3rd.  Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support and to Westminster Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville that is also sending me with prayers.  I am flying out tomorrow and Grace, our faithful co-conspirator has already arrived at the camp by car.  This was a last minute and urgent request made by the elders at the camp and by the Episcopal Diocese serving in Standing Rock.  Over 350 clergy have answered and will come wearing robes and liturgical colors and carrying prayers, banners and songs.  I’m attaching the prayers and songs I’ve collected for our action as well as a link to a sermon I preached on Jeremiah, the exiles and the water protectors. Reading the Word in the World, it is quite obvious who the prophets are that speak.  More to come after we return.

Peace and Grace,
Rev. Tracy Howe Wispelwey

Standing Rock Liturgy

Press Release, Oct 31, 2016

Peaceful, Prayerful, Lawful, Non-Violent Witness to be made by Hundreds of Clergy from Many Faith Traditions

Last week a call was issued for Clergy to come and stand witness with the Standing Rock Nation in its protest.  That protest is against the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing an area of land that is considered sacred and a concern for the Missouri River with yet another pipeline crossing it and adding to concerns that already exist in North Dakota about pipeline breaks.

As of Nov 1, there are four hundred clergy that have registered with us to indicate that they are coming to Stand With Standing Rock.  They are coming from many faith traditions and among them many denominations that are represented throughout North Dakota.  There is hardly a place in North America that isn’t somehow being represented by those that are coming for this Peaceful, Prayerful, Lawful, Non-Violent witness.

The Clergy and their faith communities will gather at Oceti Sakowin Camp at 9:00 am, Thursday, November 3rd.  For those churches that have repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery we will do that publicly before the Indigenous People of Standing Rock and the Americas.  The Niobrara Circle will form, prayers and songs will be offered in several faith traditions and our solidarity will be expressed.