RVA Welcomes Grace!


img_1951Hey, friends!

There’s a lot of darkness moving over the world right now… enough to “wake in the night at the least sound” as our friend Wendell Berry writes. Allow me to invite you into the journey I’m jumping onto with Restoration Village arts– a journey that has the audacity to believe that beauty can combat the ugliness in our world.

I’m so happy to share that I have officially joined the team here at RVA. I’ll be working alongside Tracy to promote and produce faith/justice/arts initiatives. We’ve got of lot of beauty-making coming down the chute this summer– we’ll be at the Summit for Change in Washington, DC on June 22-24 with Sojourners (Bree Newsome will be there, too? Tracy and I are fan-girling already). We’re working with the Carnival de Resistance, our longtime friends and co-conspirers, to support a band from Honduras called Cienanos to do a residency here in Charlottesville. Tracy is finishing her new album and we’ll be going rogue with her family to do some music video shoots.

RVA has been in resting mode, but we’re coming back with a fiery spirit! Check out out “Artist Residency” tab on the website and let us know if you know anyone who would be a good fit for that program. We’d love to bring you to Charlottesville to make art here with us!

Stay tuned for more updates. Stay awake because the world is about to turn.


Grace & RVA folk