Coffee, Justice and Community on the Border

img_1372Our dear friends at Cafe Justo y Más opened their doors this Saturday to their new cafe and roastery on the US/Mexico border. Felicitaciones, amigos! Cafe Justo y Más is an ethical, cooperative effort to combat corporate farming and empower communities in Mexico through community empowerment and global partnership. Unlike many ethical coffee companies, Cafe Justo,” (just coffee) is relational every step of the way– from soil to picking to processing to selling. The beans are grown sustainably by families in Chiapas, Mexico, transported to Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico on the Border, and then shipped all over the world. In a country where corporate farming threatens to suck all the life out of the earth and out of local communities, Cafe Justo is a thriving beacon of hope.

Restoration Village Arts partners with Cafe Justo y Más in support of its many endeavors, but mostly specifically in the intention to create a gathering space for artists and performers on the border. This past Saturday, Cafe Justo y Más opened its doors to the public! Initially, the building housed Cafe Justo’s roastery, bagging, and shipping facilities as well as a small tasting bar. Now, the “y más” part comes into effect: through fundraising in local and international communities, they hope to offer spaces for musical and artistic performance, a much larger cafe and coffee bar, a safe and supportive meeting space for local teens, local AA/NA meetings, and visiting delegations.

So many artists (such as Maku Soundsystem, Cienanos, and La Muna) are making music crying out for border justice and migrant justice. Cafe Justo is listening to their call– and we are grateful to be conspiring in that movement together.

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