Bring Me Some Peace

Bring Me Some Peace is an alternative pop gospel project engaging today’s specific and intersecting movements of liberation. The songs were born out of the struggle to engage the complex realities of the world, being honest about complicity and entanglement with what destroys and brings violence, and courageous in the intention to find justice and hope.  The project was 10 years in the making and finally brought to completion with the help of producer Latifah Alattas, Restoration Village Arts and the endowment given by Eric J. Haines (we miss you dear friend!).  It was released in August of 2017, the same month Charlottesville was invaded by violent white supremacists.  Both Rev. Tracy Howe Wispelwey (Board Member) and Rev. Seth Wispelwey (Directing Minister), gave all they had, along with other organizers and activists in the community, during the “Summer of Hate.” The release concert then presented a beautiful opportunity to offer some healing space and community building in the aftermath.

These songs are currently being integrated into the UCC’s dynamic program, “Sacred Conversations To End Racism.”