Retreat & Residencies

retreat and residenciesRestoration Village Arts is passionate about helping artists and ministers receive the rest, nurture and resources that contribute to a sustainable and vibrant career.  Furthermore, RVA views intersectional and artistic exchange-in-community as a dynamic vehicle for activating liberating justice and beauty in the world.   We recognize the needs of artists and ministers are different depending on each person’s context, season of life, and current projects and dreams.  Each short-term residency is tailored according to the personal and career goals of the artist as well as the ways the artist/minister might participate in and contribute to the community of learning and action with Restoration Village Arts.   Restoration Village Arts retreats, partnership and events can take place throughout the United States, Latin America, and elsewhere.  Most generate out of connection and community at our headquarters in Charlottesville, VA.

When retreating and creating in the RVA guest suite and studio, the partnering artist/minister will have plenty of flexible and open-ended time to create in solitude or with the help of local collaborators along.  There will be ample opportunities to contribute to some of the community activities.  This spirit of learning is an expectation of the artist/minister, who will share her/his/their work in pursuit of learning and action with the RVA community.  In this way the artist residency program hopes to embody mutual learning and relationship building and support for both the artist/minister and RVA beyond the residency.

At RVA Headquarters, partnering artists are residing in a homestead overflowing with life – from the extensive edible gardens to roaming chickens to large friendly dogs to nearby nature walks.  The historic Downtown Mall of Charlottesville is a short walk away, and hiking adventures, scenic wine-tasting, and exciting dining experiences are all within a short drive.  Excellent hot coffee will always be available to artist/minister residents on retreat, and shared meals in community will always be on offer.  In the end, the time is yours to rest, create, and let justice and beauty flow from how you are called.

Read more and to apply for residency with RVA.  If you have any questions not answered on this site, please email