Information & Application

Restoration Village Arts (RVA) supports artists and ministers working within at least one of four current, intersecting movements of beautiful, sustaining liberation: for racial justice, eco-justice, queer justice, and/or borderlands justice.

Artists and ministers who are:

  • Working within the movement for black lives in their communities, networks, churches and elsewhere, and who creatively seek to destabilize and deconstruct white supremacy, the prison- industrial complex, and systemic inequalities and personal biases based on race so that all might be liberated into beloved community.
  • Working within movements, communities, networks, churches and elsewhere to create efforts to re/story the shalom of Creation, and how humans sustain or destroy eco-systems necessary for life to flourish on our planet, in our food supplies, our water, our air, and more.
  • Working within movements, communities, networks, churches and elsewhere, that uphold and champion the full human worth and equality of all people in celebration of their orientation, identity and/or gender, and who creatively combat homophobia, patriarchy, and misogyny, bringing us into a fuller understanding of God, God’s infinite gender and God’s beautiful sustaining justice.
  • Working within movements, communities, networks, churches and elsewhere, to achieve justice, welcome for im/migrants, refugees, IDPs, indigenous cultures and borderlands, and to offer postcolonial critique and grapple prophetically with the forces of empire that continue to colonize, capitalize, enslave and extract people from home and history in exploitative systems.

To read more, and to apply for retreat and/or support with the Restoration Village Arts community, download our application here.