1176383_10151812381083150_1605632382_nRev. Tracy Howe-Wispelwey

In her past life, Tracy was a touring artist who created music at the intersections of faith and justice (which she still does… she’s just not living on the road these days!). Now, she and her family live in Charlottesville and permanently inhabit the RVA studio. An ordained United Church of Christ minister leading university students and justice ministries at Westminster Presbyterian Church PC(USA), Tracy is working in her present context to build up capacity for justice movements in Charlottesville and all over the world through support for the arts.


10014900_10204139961290504_8325453405275638391_nGrace Aheron, Charlottesville, Virginia
Program Director

Grace is a poet, dreamer, and youth worker who was raised in Roanoke, Virginia. She has her feet deeply rooted in the Episcopal Church as well within Christian activists circles (which sometimes, believe it or not, overlap!). Grace is a member of the fall 2016 Carnival de Resistance Residency in Minneapolis, she works in official capacities within the Episcopal Church on climate change and food initiatives, and lives on an 8-acre Christian intentional community outside of Charlottesville. Contact her with questions about RVA projects, the residency program, and any other ideas you might have!