Board of Directors

Ruth Padilla DeBorst
Santo Domingo, Costa Rica

Ruth is a theologian, a mother, a community member, a Ph.D., a writer and speaker.  She and her family are deeply committed to living in a radically transformative way at home, Casa Adobe, in Costa Rica.  Ruth serves on the directive committee for the Latin American Theological Fellowship and the Center for Interdisciplinary Theological Studies (photo by Tima Francis).

Seth Wispelwey and Tracy Howe Wispelwey
Charlottesville, VA

Tracy and Seth are both activists and theologians and love garden fresh food.  Restoration Village Arts grew out of Tracy’s music and international touring ministry beginning in 2004.  In 2010, Seth and Tracy re-imagined it into its present form, stewarding the network of artists and creative peacemakers that had formed over the years.  They now live with their daughter in the town Seth grew up in.  Tracy is a pastor and Seth directs a local nonprofit.

Tim and Dee Brosnan
Austin, Texas

Tim and Dee are both passionate about transformative mission and social entrepreneurship.  They founded People Not Profit in partnership with a community in El Salvador and now have started an urban CSA out of their own backyard.  Dee is a nurse and Tim a licensed arborist.  They love Austin tacos, their daughters and their community.

Sarah Masen Dark,
Nashville, Tennessee
Sarah was signed to a label in Nashville right out of college and had an intense and sudden launch into the music industry and touring. As an incredibly talented artist, she quickly gained a following, but struggled to find a different way to move through the industry that did not rely on exploitative practices and was more rooted in justice.  Sarah is still very active in the Nashville songwriter scene and also runs a pottery studio where she is mastering her very beautiful hand built technique ( She and her husband David have three children in Nashville where they are attempting to live into a mystical, justice-lead faith in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood.

IN MEMORIAM: Eric J. Haines
President 2011-2014
Williamsport, PA

Eric was a social entrepreneur, multimedia engineer and studio owner.  He encouraged conversations at the intersection of faith, justice and art for years and helped sustain the Wild Goose Festival and many other creative ventures. In addition to managing his music studio, Eric enjoyed art, jazz and hosting pool parties at his home.  He is greatly missed.


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